Sep 26

Week 1 sheets

Okay we finally got to the bottom of the week 1 sheets…I bought the post office box last Monday and it took them a few days to process the sale…it is now up and running. We received most of week 2 sheets and I will enter them tonight… Since there was no return label many of week 1 sheets were sent to the dead mail facility in South Carolina.. I am trying to get them back and will keep you posted… If you have copies of week 1 please hold on to them as I may need to get a copy… Again, I will keep you all posted and please don’t forget to text in final scores at the end of every match so we can keep standings up to date…..

Sep 24

Mailing of Sheets….

We are missing a good amount of sheets from week 1 still….Make sure you have mailed them please. if you did and do not see your stats up yet contact me ASAP!!!!
Also a few captains have not been txting their scores in. ALL captains must txt score in at the end of the night. Starting week 4 if we do not get a txt at the end of noght or by noon the next day we will start deducting points….DON”T BE THE FIRST TEAM TO LOSE POINTS!!!!!!
Thanks, Dennis

Aug 22


This season all postponements must be requested by the Friday before your match and must be for a valid reason….

“I don’t have enough players” is not valid….

All Teams must now have a minimum 8 players on their rosters and a maximum of 12…

You only need 4 players to play a match!!!!!


If a postponement is granted by Kevin and Dennis(both must approve), the opposing team must give us 3 dates they can make up the match…

If the team requesting the postponement can’t make any of those dates then the opposing team wins by forfeit.


If there is some type of immediate or last minute emergency the night of darts then We will make a determination at that time.

If you ask for a postponement the next match is at opposing teams bar, and the make-up match will be played back at your home bar…


2 Forfeits and you are out of playoffs but must finish season. if you fail to finish the season all players will be forced to sit out the next season.



Oct 23

direct links to the new site….

A few people have said they are having problems getting onto the new site. Here are the direct links:



Individual stats should be up within the next couple days….

You can view all-stars, standings and schedules now….

If you have any other questions please call Dennis or Kevin……