Feb 08

Spring 2018 Registration

Registration is now open for the spring 2018 season…
Please use the “registration” tab at top of page.

Once registration form is submitted please text me so I can make sure it was received.
Registration closes March 1st.
MANDATORY captain and bar rep meeting on Sat March 10th time to be announced.
Season to starts 3/12 & 3/13
Any questions feel free to contact myself or Sr….

Jan 01

Dart Ediquette and Sportsmanship

To all players and Captains,

This season for the first time we had to suspend 2 captains and 2 players for physical altercations and failure to supervise teams. We have also heard of two incidents that almost came to blows…

Needless to say this WILL NOT be tolerated at any time!!!!

Going into playoffs please remember, this is a friendly league and we expect ALL PLAYERS  and CAPTAINS to practice good sportsmanship at ALL times.

Scorekeepers and/or observers are NOT to lean in after each dart thrown thus distracting the shooter. if a shooter can’t see a dart thrown he/she is to go look or ask for assistance…

In bars where seats are adjacent to the shooter, captains are to warn their players sitting there to stay still and not lean in to the board either…

In bars where there are windows next to the shooter, teams are NOT to be in that window leaning in to see the darts….

When a player is shooting there should be no comments towards that shooter in any effort to throw them off their game…

If a dart is dropped at the line and the player is not in the act of shooting then that dart is picked up and can still be thrown, if dropped in the act of shooting the dart is dead…

Players are to call out their darts after each round before removing from the board, so the scorekeeper and opponent are clear as to what is thrown….

These are all incidents that we had this season, i should not have to tell you any of these but felt since we did have many complaints, it needed to be said!!!

Any questions please feel free to call Dennis or Kevin….Thank You

Sep 19

Complaints, Questions and Comments….

It has been brought to our attention that many complaints, questions and/or comments have been going to Kevin Flannery Jr. and Lauren Mirandona…

Please be advised that Kevin Jr and Lauren do not in any way make decisions regarding the league. If you feel a need to vent they are NOT the ones to vent to. If you don’t want to “bother Kevin Sr.” don’t worry, he wants to be bothered.

Anyone with a complaint regarding divisions, we invite you to come sit with us next season while we set them up. You do not have all rosters in front of you therefore your complaints are usually dumbfounded….

We set up divisions based on Roster additions/subtractions, Past performances, strength of division and the moving around of players as rosters come in.

Sometimes teams need to be moved up and sometimes they need to be moved down.

Mondays and Tuesdays are two different leagues and if you are in two separate divisions its because the strength of divisions are different between the two nights. For example Mon 2 and Mon3 are very strong divisions and can probably compete well against one another. Whereas on Tuesday Div 2 is much stronger than Div 3…..


Oct 23

direct links to the new site….

Here are the direct links:

MONDAY:  http://www.yourleaguestats.com/darts/brdlm/index.php

TUESDAY: http://www.yourleaguestats.com/darts/brdlt/index.php

If you have any other questions please call Dennis or Kevin……