Mar 23

Dear Mr chickenshit, I mean Anonymous …

To the anonymous “inquisitive mind” Frank Muckandmier or Al Schwartz, instead of writing anonymous emails grow a pair and call myself or Kevin. If you do not get back to us by tomorrow morning, when we find out who you are(and we will) you will be thrown out of the league. And I promise you that WILL be updated right away!!!!!!

Mar 03


The schedules are posted as follows:

HOME (Captain) Vs. AWAY (Captain)  (Match Location)

Hideout (Gerard) Vs Smith’s(Lauren)  (Hideout)

Translates to:
Smith’s is playing AT Hideout

The HOME team will always be on the LEFT because this is how the score sheets are and if it all matches, we can avoid errors when entering the sheets. Thank you!

Mar 02


Hey everyone!

Schedules for the upcoming season are going in tonight!

A few notes about the website this season:

1) When you look at the site, the home team is on the LEFT. It is listed as HOME Vs. AWAY.

for example (from 3/3):
Monday 1
HOME                         vs             AWAY
GJOA (Lyons)            vs           GJOA (Sean)
Full Moon (Dennis)   vs           Pour House (Scott)
AM Bar (Mike)            vs          Bullseye (Kim)

If you have any questions about this, please contact us and we can clear it up. This is especially important for captains, so please make sure you know where you are playing.

2) There will not be games the weeks of 3/17-3/18 (St. Patrick’s Day) & 5/26-5/27 (Memorial Day). Reminders will be sent out as those dates approach.

3)There is a news section on the stats website. It is on the home page on the right, on the schedules page under the calendar and on the news page. All important league news will be posted there and also on Please check at least one of these places for regular league updates and information.

4) We want to keep the site current just as much as you want it to be current. In order to do this, captains MUST mail in the sheets in a timely manner. This avoids delays, confusion and mistakes in stats and keeps us all current with our team standings.

Thank you! Have a great season!!!

Monday stats / schedules

Tuesday stats / schedules



Oct 23

direct links to the new site….

A few people have said they are having problems getting onto the new site. Here are the direct links:



Individual stats should be up within the next couple days….

You can view all-stars, standings and schedules now….

If you have any other questions please call Dennis or Kevin……