Sep 02

Fall 2016 Season

Fall 2016 season starts Sept.12-Sept 13

Registered Teams as of 9/2 are:

MONDAY: Status Q-Ricky, Pumps-Jason, Smiths-David, Hideout-Gerard, Pour House-Katei, RWB- Mike, RWB-Jimmy, Gjoa-Shane, Bean Post-Tim, Kellys-Scott, Paddy’s-Mark, Paddy’s-Lisa, Smiths-Lauren, Bull’sEye-Kim, Bean Post-Pat, Pour House-Troy, Gjoa-Erik, Pour House-Sandra, Gjoa-Sr., Full Moon-Flaco, Harp- Tom, No Quarter-Dawn…


TUESDAY: No Quarter-Rob, Status Q-Scott, Status Q-????, Pumps-Jimmy, Pumps-Coca, Pour House-Katie, RWB-Mike, RWB-Joe, RWB-Pat, Kellys-Jesse, Paddy’s-Nikki, Bean Post-Kevin, R&B-Ricky, Gjoa-Frank, Gjoa-Steve, Gjoa-Sr.,   Soccer-Tom, Indigo Murphy’s-Rebekah, Smith’s-Rios,      Harp-Anthony, Hunters-Steve, Full Moon-Billy


If you sent in a roster and you are not in either of these lists let me know ASAP


Awards will be ready first or 2nd week of season for teams….

if you have an individual award/awards coming from last 2 seasons I will be getting all the shirt sizes as I see you and will get those out as soon as possible….


Hope to see you all at he BBQ tomorrow!!!!

Jul 23

(No title)

Okay folks it’s that time again….registration is now open please send rosters to please include all first and last names of all players. Rosters will not be accepted with less than 8 names or with “same as last season”

Maximum roster is 12 players….

Registration closes August 28th

BBQ Will be Saturday September 3rd @ Gjoa
Open to all dart players!!! $20 a head covers full day, food, beer and tournament. As always Kevin and I will match half the pot and cover any other expenses…
Folders will be handed out that day as well…


Continue to keep Kevin and his family in your prayers as they fight the fight of their lives!!!!

Oct 23

direct links to the new site….

Here are the direct links:



If you have any other questions please call Dennis or Kevin……