Jul 03

Spring 2014 Champions

Hello everyone!

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the teams that won the championships in their divisions! 

Congratulations to: 

Monday Teams:

Bullseye (Kim) - Division 1
Bean Post (Tim) - Division 2
Johnny Pumps (Andres) - Division 3
Smith’s (David) - Division 4


Tuesday Teams:

Bullseye (Lou) - Division 1
GJOA (Kevin Sr.) - Division 2
Dram Shop (Mack) - Division 3
J.J. Bubbles (Roxy) - Division 4
Johnny Pumps (Steve) - Division 5

Thank you to all the players, captains, bartenders, and bar owners for a great season!! See you all in the Fall!  


Dennis, Kevin & Lauren

May 28

Scores Playoffs & All Stars…..

All scores have been entered and playoffs will be posted by this afternoon.

All Stars will be updated and finalized by the end of this week.

If after this week you are missing any all stars you will have till Friday June 6th to notify Myself or Kevin and send us any missing sheets. After that all stars will be finalized and WILL NOT be changed…..

Thank You and good luck in the playoffs!!!!!

Oct 23

direct links to the new site….

A few people have said they are having problems getting onto the new site. Here are the direct links:

MONDAY:  http://www.yourleaguestats.com/darts/brdlm/index.php

TUESDAY: http://www.yourleaguestats.com/darts/brdlt/index.php

Individual stats should be up within the next couple days….

You can view all-stars, standings and schedules now….

If you have any other questions please call Dennis or Kevin……