Sep 19

Complaints, Questions and Comments….

It has been brought to our attention that many complaints, questions and/or comments have been going┬áto Kevin Flannery Jr. and Lauren Mirandona…

Please be advised that Kevin Jr and Lauren do not in any way make decisions regarding the league. If you feel a need to vent they are NOT the ones to vent to. If you don’t want to “bother Kevin Sr.” don’t worry, he wants to be bothered.

Anyone with a complaint regarding divisions, we invite you to come sit with us next season while we set them up. You do not have all rosters in front of you therefore your complaints are usually dumbfounded….

We set up divisions based on Roster additions/subtractions, Past performances, strength of division and the moving around of players as rosters come in.

Sometimes teams need to be moved up and sometimes they need to be moved down.

Mondays and Tuesdays are two different leagues and if you are in two separate divisions its because the strength of divisions are different between the two nights. For example Mon 2 and Mon3 are very strong divisions and can probably compete well against one another. Whereas on Tuesday Div 2 is much stronger than Div 3…..