Jan 01

Dart Ediquette and Sportsmanship

To all players and Captains,

This season for the first time we had to suspend 2 captains and 2 players for physical altercations and failure to supervise teams. We have also heard of two incidents that almost came to blows…

Needless to say this WILL NOT be tolerated at any time!!!!

Going into playoffs please remember, this is a friendly league and we expect ALL PLAYERS  and CAPTAINS to practice good sportsmanship at ALL times.

Scorekeepers and/or observers are NOT to lean in after each dart thrown thus distracting the shooter. if a shooter can’t see a dart thrown he/she is to go look or ask for assistance…

In bars where seats are adjacent to the shooter, captains are to warn their players sitting there to stay still and not lean in to the board either…

In bars where there are windows next to the shooter, teams are NOT to be in that window leaning in to see the darts….

When a player is shooting there should be no comments towards that shooter in any effort to throw them off their game…

If a dart is dropped at the line and the player is not in the act of shooting then that dart is picked up and can still be thrown, if dropped in the act of shooting the dart is dead…

Players are to call out their darts after each round before removing from the board, so the scorekeeper and opponent are clear as to what is thrown….

These are all incidents that we had this season, i should not have to tell you any of these but felt since we did have many complaints, it needed to be said!!!

Any questions please feel free to call Dennis or Kevin….Thank You

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