These Guidelines have not been updated to reflect the recent changes for 2016 fall….please refer to your folder there is a set of updated guidelines there thanks…..
1.  Captains

Teams are responsible for designating a team captain.  Captains MUST delegate responsibilities to another player when necessary.  In general captains (i) must be aware of the GUIDELINES for match play and all changes to those GUIDELINES as published, (ii) also verify all information entered on score sheet during match play, (iii) help new players become familiar with the GUIDELINES of match play, and (iv) handle match protests properly, whether filed by or against their team. SEE CAPTAINS DUTIES SHEET!

2.  Sportsmanship

We play darts for many reasons and at many skill levels, but one thing to never lose sight of is that this is just a game.  On match night we are all representatives of not only the sport but our team, bar and league as well.

The Bay Ridge Dart League will not held be held responsible for or tolerate the misuse of the equipment used, player harassment or physical violence. Suspensions and expulsions mandated are swift for violators.


3.  Personal Conduct

A.  Heckling or antagonizing opposing players is strictly prohibited.

B.  Harassment with regard to race, gender or any discriminatory action will result in an immediate suspension.

C.  It is the team captain’s responsibility to maintain the best order during the match.

D.  Any player caught willfully cheating in any manner will be suspended from the league.

E.  All players  must be of legal drinking age and it assumes no responsibility for players who are under the legal drinking age.  If a player is not admitted into a bar because of his/her age, the team captain will have no recourse but to substitute the player, or play short

4.  Set-Up Requirements

All matches must be played on a 20 point clock-faced bristle dartboard, placed 5 feet 8 inches from the floor to the center cork, with the black 20 wedge place at 12 o=clock.  The foul line must be placed 7 feet 9 1/4 inches from the face of the board and must be a width of 18 inches from either side of the cork.  All wires on the board must be in good condition.  The double and triple wires must be within 1/32 of an inch of the normal 3.8 of an inch measurement.  The board must be positioned so that it is readily available to the players.  It must be well anchored and well lit.  The scoreboard must be placed in an area accessible to the shooter at all times.

5.  Match Day and Time

A.  Game time is 8:15 P.M. with a grace period of 15 minutes. Matches must be underway by 8:30 P.M.  A team must have a minimum of four players in the bar, a player fills in the names of those present and those matches are played and additional names are filled in as players arrive.  If a fifth player does not arrive in time for his/her match, continue onto Cricket Doubles and so on.

B.  If a player is not present when his/her game is up, the opposing captain has the option of skipping that game and returning to it when the player arrives or calling the game a forfeit and advancing to the next game.

C.  Line-ups are to be filled out in the blind. After filling out your side of the sheet, fold it in half and hand it to the away team captain. Use an envelope to cover your side of the sheet. Teams that are caught looking at the other teams’ line up before filling out their own will forfeit those games. (not the match) The home team captain fills it out first.  The away team starts the match and play alternates from that point on.  Players do not have to be present to have their names inserted into the line-up.

D.  Once the line-up is filled out, a player may be substituted in the line-up but the player that is removed will be ineligible to play the remainder of the match.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

E.  No player can be substituted in 501 Doubles OR 601 triples.

F.  Coaching is allowed from any person (except the score keeper) at the players request only.  A player may request what score is remaining from the scorekeeper at any time.  The scorekeeper may not tell the player what darts to throw. The Score keeper can help to move the night along faster if both Captains agree.

G.  In doubles, if the shooter listed is not in the bar at the time of his/her turn, their partner must play two against one unless their partner shows up during the game.

6.  Match Reports/Format

A.  Match reports will be on score sheets provided.  BOTH team captains MUST retain a copy of the report for their records. The home team captains must mail the original white copy.  Any team that does not mail their copy will not receive all-star points or match points until sheets are received by the league.  Do not give your copy of the match report to the other team to mail.  An adequate supply of envelopes will be given to each team.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

B.  Matches are played to 19 points:

-5 501 Singles (straight on, double out);

-2 Cricket doubles (worth 2 points for each game)

– 5 Cricket Singles

-1 501 Doubles (double in, double out)

-1 601 Triples (double in, double out)

C.  The Home Team keeps the score for the match.

D.  Players must not remove their darts from the board until the score is CALLED, RECORDED AND SEEN by the scorekeeper and opposing player.

E.  Any problems or errors in calling the score must be corrected before the players’ next throw or the points stand as called.  Any math mistakes caught during the game must be corrected before you or your partner shoots again.

F. While playing 501, if you hit your out and throw another dart and it hits a number, it is a bust and score reverts to what was left before you threw the round.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

G.  It is the scorekeeper’s responsibility to, at the request of the player, tell him/her what is scored and what is remaining.

H.  For bars with dartboards set up with bar stools in front of the throwing line, the area must be cleared while the match is on. Captains of teams in bars with more than one team playing at home on the same night are responsible for keeping the throwing areas as clear as possible.  Bars with more than one team playing at home, the upper division team has board preference.

I.  Pool tables situated near the dartboard must be closed if any team or player thinks it is interfering with the game.  The visiting team may file a protest if their request to close the pool table is denied.

J.  If the scoreboard is located next to the dartboard, the scorekeeper must remain as still as possible and not distract the shooter on the line.  The scoreboard must be visible to the shooter at all times.

7.  GUIDELINES of Play

A.  All games are to be played on ONE (1) board. NO EXCEPTIONS!!  Practicing or shooting on a board next to the matchboard is strictly prohibited. In the event that a team requests to play on TWO boards for ANY reason and the opposing team refuses, the match will be played on ONE board only. A forfeit will be issued to any team trying to force or bully an opposing team into playing on two boards. If this situation arises CALL THE LEAGUE IMMEDIATELY!!!

B. Players foremost foot must be behind the line.

C. If a player accidentally drops a dart and it falls in front of the line, it may be picked up and re-thrown

D. If a player throws a dart in anger or the flight falls off, he or she CANNOT re-throw the dart.

E. If a player finds that the throwing conditions are unacceptable due to noise or movement he or she must state this BEFORE throwing, not afterwards.

F. If a dart is thrown and is hanging in the board, the player may run up and save it, but by doing so, he or she forfeits any remaining darts they may be holding. If a second dart is thrown and the hanging dart is knocked out, it does not count.


G. If a dart is thrown, pops out is caught before it hits the ground – it counts as a good catch. It MAY NOT BE THROWN AGAIN. If you are brave enough to try this – remember the dart league does not pay hospital bills.

H. The game is over when the winning dart is thrown. There will be no all-stars given for darts thrown after the winning dart has been thrown.

I. In doubles cricket, if a player needs 2 bulls to win the match and hits a single bull with their first dart then a double bull with their second dart, the person receives credit for 3 bulls and the all-star points, ONLY if the other teams bulls are still open.

J. If a team only has 4 players for the match it is permissible for a person to play a doubles match by themself. That person will be at a disadvantage by throwing 3 darts to the other teams 6 darts.

K. For a dart to score it must remain in the board 5 seconds after the 3rd or final dart has been thrown by that player. The tip of the dart must be touching the bristle portion of the board in order for it to count.

L. If a dart lands in to the shaft of another dart it does not count.

8.  Rosters

A.  Roster may contain up to twelve (12) players.

B.  Rosters can’t be changed after week 5.

C.  A completed roster must be e-mailed at the time of registration.  NO INCOMPLETE ROSTERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. NO ROSTERS WILL BE ACCEPTED OVER THE PHONE.

D.  A player must have participated in at least 5 matches (14 week season), 3 matches (10 week season) to be eligible for post-season play.  Byes and forfeits against a team will count toward weeks played as long as a player has played at least on (1) match at the time of the Bye or forfeit.

E.  All roster changes must be submitted to the league in writing within 24 hours of the time you wish to use a player.

F.  Points will not be awarded to a non-registered player or anybody playing under another player’s name.  Any points won by the non-registered player will automatically be awarded to the opposing teams score.

G.  No player shall play on a team unless they are properly registered with that team and is in good standing with the league.

H.  Only team captains and co-captains are allowed to make roster changes.  Changes will not be accepted from any other player or bar owner.

I.  No player may switch teams during the season.

9.  Forfeits, Byes and Make-Ups

A.  There must be four players present to avoid a forfeit.

B.  Any team that forfeits twice is still eligible for playoffs but will play as lowest seed.(no home games for playoffs)

C.  Any team that has a Bye in its division, the Bye is worth  (13) points.


E.  Thirteen (13) points are awarded to the non-forfeiting team.

F. All make – up games should be played within two (2) weeks of the originally scheduled match.

G.  If a team cannot attend a scheduled match, that team’s captain or co-captain must notify the opposing teams’ captain or co-captain.  The opposing teams’ captain or co-captain has the option of rescheduling the match.  If the match will be rescheduled the captain or co-captain of the team unable to make the original match must call the league to get final approval.  If the opposing teams’ captain or co-captain is unwilling to reschedule, the team unable to make the match will receive a forfeit. The league has the final decision.

H.  No make-up games are allowed after week nine (9).  All make-up games must be done before the last week of season.

I.  Missing reports must be into the league by week 15.

J.  The league will not be responsible for teams that arrange make-ups on their own without contacting the league.

10.  All-Star Points

A.  All-star points are earned by throwing the following rounds:

-100 or higher in 501

-5 or more scorable hits in cricket

-R5 = 100, R6 = 120, R7 = 140, R8 = 160, R9 = 180

     -Three or more countable corks in cricket:

-3 = 100, 4 = 125, 5 = 150, 6 = 175

B.  If there is a bye in your division, you will receive 200 all-star points for singles only and be credited with a singles win.

C.  Any all-stars not on the match report sheet will not be counted.  Check the report before you sign it.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

11.  Protests

A.  The captain of any team may file a protest for any irregularity of a match.

B.  The opposing team captain must be notified at the time of the protest.  Then the match will be played to the conclusion.

C.  The match report must be mailed as usual.

D.  The protest must be called into the league at the time of the match.  The league will review the complaint and if necessary, a meeting will be held with the two captains to settle the matter.